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Emma Williams Case 2
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Emma Williams’s Case (Arbitration)

Arbitration is a formal process of non-judicial settlement of dispute in which decision are made by independent third party known as Arbitrator. Both party in a case should be agree for the matter of referred to the arbitration. The arbitrator make decision of case either it will be in the form of documentation or hearing that take placed on agreed venue. (Source: The solving dispute of employer and employee is known as labor arbitration. It solved the dispute of employer and employee, their contract or agreement, authority and employment. It is a non-judicial power that investigates and listens to the grievances, of the parties and provides a decision, which is binding on all parties involved in dispute (D. Meltzer, 1976). So the case of Emma Williams’s an arbitral labor relations, the brief detail of are given below.


Case Detail

            The case of Emma Williams debates the causes that led University General Hospital to terminate her for failing to call in sick and for excessive absenteeism. Emma was a registered nurse, employed in the oncology (cancer) unit from March 1, 1996 until her termination in December 3, 2013 (17 years approximately). Emma Williams acquired "meets expectations" for most years, and "exceeds expectation" for last three years, according to hospital's three-point rating system. In fact, during Emma's working years at the hospital, there has never been complains about her performance in the workplace. Emma obtained her certification as cancer specialist prior to being hired. 

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