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Maverick Wings,Inc.manufact ures airplanes for use in stunt shows. Maverick's factory is highly

automated,using the latest in robotic technology. To keep costs low, the company employs as few factory w orkers as possible.Since eac h plane has different features (such as its shape,weight.  and color),Maverick uses a job order costing system to accumulate product costs.


At the end of 2013,Maverick's ac countants developed the followi ng expectations for 2014 based on the marketing department's sales forecast:



Budgeted overhead cost Estimated mac hine hours

Estimated direc t labor hours Estimated direc t materia ls









Maverick's inventory count,completed on December 31. 2013,revealed the followi ng ending inventory balances:


Raw Materials Inventory


Work in Process Inventory


Finished Goods Inventory


The company's 2014 payrolldata revealed the following actual payroll costs for the year:


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