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SWK Research Methods II
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Proposal for Program Evaluation

Write a 10-page paper to show how you would create a program. Explain how you would use the research about your topic to demonstrate why it is important to create a program to address this problem.
2.1.6 Engage in research-informed practice and practiceinformed research
Use practice experience to inform scientific inquiry. Use research evidence to inform practice 
2.1.2 Engage in ethical conduct and decision-making
Make ethical decisions by applying standards of the National Association of Social Workers’ (NASW) Code of Ethics 
In your description of how you would set up a program, include a section showing how you would recruit, treat, and evaluate clients in an ethical way. In your description of how you would carry out your program describe how NASW’s Code of Ethics applies to your use of your findings in social work practice.
2.1.10 B, C & D Collect, organize and interpret client data Critically analyze, monitor, and evaluate interventions
Explain in detail (approximately 4 pages-included in the 10 pages) how you would evaluate a program

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