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Assignment 2: Course Project—Part 1
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Assignment 2: Course Project—Part 1

Your assignment for this week entails working on an introduction for your project. The introduction should:

  • Contain the title of the lesson.
  • Identify and describe the learners.
  • Describe the educational setting: staff development, patient education, family education, and so forth.
  • Include learner assessments: educational level, developmental level, readiness to learn, and so forth.
  • Provide a purpose and rationale for selecting the topic/disease.
  • Describe the philosophical or theoretical basis for teaching approaches used in the lesson.
  • Focus on 1 disease/3 audiences.
  • Support answers with relevant examples and journal articles.

On a separate references page, cite all sources using APA format.

By the due date assigned, submit this week’s project assignment in a 5- to 6-page paper to the Submissions Area. Be sure to use appropriate APA formatting. Write in paragraph form; do not use a table format.

plagiarism less than 25%, please

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  • Assignment 2: Course Project—Part 1

    Assignment 2: Course Project Part 1: Introduction Student name Date Abnormal Psychology | PSY381 A01 Instructor: Institution Panic disorder Improvement of Structural and Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Introduction The major element of accepting the pathogenesis of mood as well as anxiety disorder is projected to associate interpretation of deficiencies of brain configuration and the function related to these conditions. Histopathological and Post-mortem neurochemical assessments tangled the main methods for inspect

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