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FIN305 Unit 4 Chapter 6 Quiz 2018 (Perfect Answer)
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Question 1

10 out of 10 points

Listed below are several ratios:

a. days' sales in receivables

b. accounts receivable turnover

c. accounts receivable turnover in days

d. days' sales in inventory

e. inventory turnover

f. inventory turnover in days

g. operating cycle

h. working capital

i. current ratio

j. acid-test ratio

k. cash ratio

l. sales to working capita

Match the ratio with the formula.


__1. Sales                                                                                            Average Working Capital

__2. Net Sales                                                                                     Average Gross Receivables

__3. Current Assets                                                                            Current Liabilities

__4. Cash Equivalents + Marketable Securities + Net Receivables   Current Liabilities

__5. Gross Receivables                                                                       Net Sales/365

__6. Average Gross Receivables                                                        Net Sales/365

__7. Average Inventory                                                                      Cost of Goods Sold/365

__8. Cash Equivalents + Marketable Securities                                  Current Liabilities

__9. Current Assets                                                                            Current Liabilities

__10. Accounts Receivable  +                                                            Inventory Turnover

            Turnover in Days                                                                    in Days

__11. Cost of Goods Sold                                                                  Average Inventory

__12. Ending Inventory                                                                      Cost of Goods Sold/365



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