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References: Provide at least 3 footnoted or parenthetically cited references,
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Business Letter with Documented Research: Investigating and Reporting Cultural Considerations for Doing Business Internationally

Grade: 50 points (5%)

Format: Use the block letter format in Figure A-3 in Appendix A; develop a letterhead for the hypothetical company

Length: 2 pages (not including bibliography)

References: Provide at least 3 footnoted or parenthetically cited references, and a bibliography. Use the text, Chapter 5, as one of your references.

Potential audience: Your primary readers will be the company CEO and the VP for Human Resources (HR), who is responsible for cross-cultural training and orientation.

Background and Scenario: The scenario for writing assignment #1 continues. The company CEO has read your memo and wants you to continue your research, now focusing on the cultural considerations of doing business in the country.


Read three or more sources that have information on the country’s values, beliefs, and other cultural considerations as they involve business communications.

Explain in a letter what you have learned about how oral, non-verbal, and written communications practices in the country may affect business operations, social contacts, shopping, and other considerations if the company decides to move an operation to that country. Recommend any training or special preparation that you think employees should receive before representing the company in that country.

Use diagrams, photos, and other visuals where appropriate to increase your readers’ interest and understanding of non-verbal and other communications practices.

REMINDER: Use the hypothetical company and the country you selected for writing assignment #1 (Memo with documented research).

Be sure to visit the Cultural Savvy site featured in our Unit 2 Introductory page, the U. S. government’s site, and other Web locations for more information on cultural considerations when doing business with the country you have selected.

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