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Please use easy words that I can easily understand ( as a second
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I need to compress my answer two times in different words.

I have answered this question  : 

  August 30 – September 14, 1776 Following the defeat at Brooklyn and the retreat from Long Island to New York City, how did the Continental Army react?     

I answered this question but my answer too long and I don't know how to compress it. I need it in two different ways each one contains about  70 words. I mean same answer but different words that I can give my friend one. 

please use easy words that I can easily understand ( as a second language speaker ). You can cross off what you think that not important. 
Here is my answer: 

The idea of risking the fate of America in defense of New York seemed so senseless that submitting to the dispensations of Providence. The army showed remarkable discipline and unity. The escape from Brooklyn had rapidly become engulfed in despair. Gangs of soldiers bend over the streets of New York breaking the house and taking whatever they wanted. They wantonly ransacked the Lord Stirling’s mansion located at the corner of Broad and Beaver streets. The whole Connecticut militia units were departing en masse. The road in Connecticut and New Jersey filled with soldiers heading home. The British troops were advancing on the opposite shore of the East River, heading north in the direction of King’s Bridge. On September 3, in the night, the first enemy ship, the frigate Rose, thirty towing flatboats started up the river with a north-flowing tide anchoring in the mouth of Newtown Creek that across from a large cove on the New York side known as Kips Bay. General Health warned that the enemy may land on the coast of Westchester Country, beyond the Harlem River. Reed seemed older and wiser; he had tried always to take a broad, philosophical view of lives. The tavern patriots and windy politicians evoked a wrath he could not contain; It was sluggards and skulkers. The Battle of Brooklyn, Reed had been with Washington. From last six days, he had no time to change his clothes and, like Washington he had no sleep for several nights. On September 5, Nathanael Greene returned to his duty and submitted to Washington.

Note: I need two different ways for this answer.

Each one contains about 70 words only!

Thank you.

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