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CIS430 Unit 7 Quiz C15 Latest 2017
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Question 1

Which of the following is not a disaster recovery techniques?

empty shell

Recovery Operations Center (ROC)

internally provided backup

All of the above are disaster recovery techniques

Question 2

2 out of 2 points

Which of the following is NOT a control implication of distributed data processing?


user satisfaction


lack of standards

Question 3

When management outsources IT they also are able to outsource their management responsibility under SOX for ensuring adequate IT controls



Question 4

Which of the following is NOT a potential threat to computer hardware and peripherals?

low humidity

high humidity

carbon dioxide fire extinguishers

water sprinkler fire extinguishers

Question 5

The Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) should provide details regarding the use of a duplicate data processing facility



Question 6

Computer accounting control procedures are referred to as general or application controls. The primary objective of application controls in a computer environment is to

ensure that the computer system operates efficiently

ensure the validity, completeness, and accuracy of financial transactions

provide controls over the electronic functioning of the hardware

plan for the protection of the facilities and backup for the systems

Question 7

If properly documented, the Disaster Recovery Plan need not be tested





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