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CIS430 Unit 5 Self Quiz C12
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Question 1

The rules that make it possible for users of networks to communicate are called protocols



Question 2

EDI is the inter-company exchange of computer processible business information in standard format.



Question 3

Which one of the following statements is correct?

Cookies always contain encrypted data.

Cookies are text files and never contain encrypted data.

Cookies contain the URLs of sites visited by the user.

Web browsers cannot function without cookies

Question 4

An IP Address:

defines the path to a facility or file on the web.

is the unique address that every computer node and host attached to the Internet must have.

is represented by a 64-bit data packet.

is the address of the protocol rules and standards that governing the design of internet hardware and software.

none of the above is true.

Question 5

A digital signature is

the encrypted mathematical value of the message sender’s name

derived from the digest of a document that has been encrypted with the sender’s private key

the computed digest of the sender’s digital certificate

allows digital messages to be sent over analog telephone lines

Question 6


controls Web browsers that access the Web.

is used to connect to Usenet groups on the Internet

is used to transfer text files, programs, spreadsheets, and databases across the Internet.

is a low-level encryption scheme used to secure transmissions in higher-level format.



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