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Organisation and Human Resource Management
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1. Critically examine the role of strategic HR management with respect to organizational performance, citing empirical evidence and specific organizations’ success stories. You should explicitly define ‘strategic human resource management’ and distinguish between different types of HR strategies and how they can and should align with competitive business strategies.
2. Present a detailed, comprehensive plan of how you will specifically address each core HR function (e.g. work design, job analysis, recruitment, selection, retention, separation, performance management, training, development, compensation, legal requirements, and employee relations) to create a high performance work system (HPWS).
3. Present your evaluation of the challenges and opportunities involved with respect to diversity, e-HRM and managing human resources internationally, and explain how you plan to help the firm to practically prepare for these challenges and opportunities.
4. Demonstrate (within the report) a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of the importance of relevant legal issues related to HR management and organizational performance.
The report in essence should reflect your personal vision as to what strategic HRM issues are important and need to be identified and properly addressed.

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  • Organisation and Human Resource Management

    TO: The Management Team, Carter’s Incorporated Plc. FROM: The Human Resource Manager, Carter’s Incorporated Plc. SUBJECT: Proposal to adopting Strategy HRM at Carter’s Incorporated Plc. DATE: April 5st 2015 1.0 INTRODUCTION Carter’s Incorporated Plc, owners of the brand EGDE, is one of the leading manufacturers of sporting apparel in Nigeria. Its vision is to ‘design and produce world class sporting apparels that can stand the test of time’. While it’s mission, is ‘to inspire and empower people to achieve their goals’. It core values stems across; Action, Accountability and Team Work. FIG 1: Current Organogram of Carter’s Incorporated Plc. One other major contributing factor to the steady growth witnessed in the organisation in recent years has been that of the contributions of the people who work at the organisation. Through the years, they have shown a great deal of commitment in steering the organisation to greatness via idea sharing and working together as a team. This has helped to build a strong business which is here to stay. While its people are an important asset to the organisation, over the years, the management of this business resource has been handled in an unstructured way such that the benefits of efficient human capital management are not totally been enjoyed by the Organisation. Thus this proposal aims at showing the organisation of the need to close the gaps in its human resource management and also propose the benefits of it incorporating a strategic human resource management approach in dealing with it staff. 2.0 THE CONCEPT OF STRATEGY Strategy is the direction and scope of an organisation over the longer term ideally which matched its resources to its changing environment and in particular, to its markets, customers and clients to meet stakeholder expectations. (Johnson & Scholes, 1993).

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