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The line managers at Harmony Corp. believe that the introduction
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1. The line managers at Harmony Corp. believe that the introduction of the customer care hotline facility has been a huge mistake. They are overwhelmed by the number of complaints that come in each day, most of which are due to faulty usage and not faulty products. The top executives at Harmony believe that the hotline will prove its worth over time. What inference can be drawn from this scenario? 
2. IBF Industries, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and marketer of skin care and solar filters in the United States. The company is a market leader in the U.S., and the demand for its products has been static over the last five quarters. In order to achieve better growth, the management is now planning to develop its business by entering the Canadian market. Which of the following information, if true, would most support the management's decision to develop the market?
3. Department A shows an annual after-tax profit of $400,000 from invested assets of $12 million. Department B shows an annual after-tax profit of $400,000 from invested assets of $8 million. Which unit had the best financial performance?
4. The product development team at JEG were working together for a year and were very comfortable with an informal style of working. However, the new manager who stepped in preferred to use a more formal style during meetings and team interactions, as this was the way he had always worked. Which of the following is most similar to this situation?
5. A call center manager hopes to improve the performance of her staff by decreasing the average time spent on a call. First, she sets up a performance board where the average length of a call for the previous week is posted and compared to the average call length for the preceding four weeks. Then, she encourages the staff to reduce the average. According to goal-setting theory, how could she improve this scheme?
6. While they agree that satisfaction is a factor in motivation, scholars note that there is little evidence that increasing employee satisfaction actually increases motivation. This has led them to criticize the ________ as being overly simplistic. 
7. Ken Langley is a production supervisor in an automobile manufacturing firm. After evaluating Ken's managerial capabilities, some members of the senior management feel that average productivity would improve if more workers are assigned to him. However, some managers are skeptical about Ken's ability to handle more workers. Which of the following statements, if true, would weaken the argument favoring increased span of control? 
8. Federal spending pushes the federal deficit up, causing an increase in interest rates. What is the LEAST likely result of this occurrence?

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