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The chain has agreed to sell them pizzas at a discount
$ 15.00

Students who are trying to raise funds have an agreement with a local pizza chain.  The chain has agreed to sell them pizzas at a discount, which the students can then resell to families in the local community for a profit.  It is expected that of the 500 families in the community, at most 70% will buy pizza.  Based on a survey of their personal preferences, the students believe that they should order no more than 120 cheese pizzas, no more than 150 pepperoni pizzas, and no more than 100 vegetarian pizzas.  They also want to make sure at least 20% of the total pizzas are cheese and 50% of the pizzas are pepperoni.  They make a profit of 1.45, 1.75, and 1.98 respectively, for each cheese, pepperoni, and vegetarian pizza they resell.  How many pizzas of each type should they buy??

Can someone set this up for me or show me how I would set this type of problem up in Excel solver?

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