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BSC2346 Module 3 Quiz 2018
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Question 1

Which choice best relates and/or describes Wolf’s law of bone?


A. The density of bone matrix of bone is determined by the mechanical stresses placed upon it

B. Calcium homeostasis of blood

C. Relates to the amount of blood flow to bone tissue

D. Influences calcium absorption by the body

Question 2

Which statement is NOT true of red bone marrow?


A. Located in the medullary cavity of long bones in healthy adults

B. Found in flat bones such as the sternum, cranium and hip bones

C. Located in spongy bone of bones in healthy adults

D. Is hematopoietic tissue (blood cell production)

Question 3

Formation of the fibrocartilaginous callus in the fracture repair of bone is followed up by which process?


A. Formation of granulation tissue

B. Hematoma formation

C. Bony callus formation

D. Bone remodeling

Question 4

Which statement is NOT true regarding an osteon?


A. Canaliculi connect lacunae to the central canal

B. Contains a central canal carrying blood vessels

C. Found in both spongy and compact bone

D. Osteocytes are found within lacunae

Question 5

The organic portion of the extracellular matrix space provides all of the following functions except for:


A. Ability to resist stretch

B. Flexibility

C. Tensile strength

D. Hardness

Question 6

Which statement is true regarding the epiphyseal plates?


A. Assists the bones in appositional growth

B. It’s a portion of bone where cartilage cells are converted to bone tissue

C. Found in the diaphysis region of long bones

D. Found in adult bones

Question 7

What is NOT a primary function of the skeletal system?


A. Triglyceride (fat) storage

B. Hematopoietic (blood cell production) site

C. Movement

D. Calcitonin production

Question 8

This type of bone cell is activated with the release of parathyroid hormone?


A. Osteoblast

B. Osteocyte

C. Osteogenic

D. Osteoclast

Question 9

Which choice is true regarding calcitonin?


A. Increases the reabsorption of calcium in the kidneys back into the bloodstream

B. Overall, it will cause an increase in blood calcium levels

C. Increases calcium absorption in intestines

D. Activates the activity of osteoblasts

Question 10

Which of the following is NOT a substance found within bone tissue?


A. Calcium

B. Phosphate

C. Collagen fibers

D. Elastic fibers

Question 11

The inorganic portion of the extracellular matrix space is produced by the osteoblasts?




Question 12

Which choice is true of parathyroid hormone?


A. Indirectly inhibits calcium absorption in the intestines

B. Increases the production of vitamin D

C. Inhibits the reabsorption of calcium in the kidneys

D. Overall, it will cause a decrease in blood calcium levels

Question 13

Bone remodeling is a function of what cells?


A. Osteocytes and osteoclasts

B. Osteocytes and chondroblasts

C. Osteoblasts and osteoclasts

D. Osteocytes and osteoblasts

Question 14

The majority of bones in the body are formed by endochondral ossification where a cartilage model of bone is eventually converted to bone?




Question 15

The trabeculae of spongy bone are well organized and align precisely along lines of stress, which ultimately help bone from breaking?






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