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BSC2346 Module 2 Quiz 2018
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Question 1

Blood vessels in the epidermis will dilate increasing blood flow through the skin allow heat to dissipate from the body?




Question 2

What is NOT true of keratinocytes?


A. They secrete a waxy protein called keratin

B. Cell production of keratinocytes can be accelerated in areas of consistent friction

C. They have a 3-4 month life cycle

D. They are the main cell of the epidermis

Question 3

Which choice is true of collagen fibers?


A. They provide structural support to the integument

B. They are found in the epidermis

C. They provide an ability of the skin to stretch and retain its shape

D. They create the dermal papillae

Question 4

The integument system is involved in the production of vitamin D by producing a vitamin D precursor when exposed to UV light?




Question 5

Extensions of dermis up into the epidermis that is responsible for fingerprints is called:


A. Dermal papillae

B. Flexure lines

C. Reticular layer

D. Friction ridges

Question 6

Melanoma is the most common type of skin cancer?




Question 7

Which choice is NOT true about the epidermis?


A. Melanin is secreted within it

B. It is constantly flaked/scraped off

C. It contains blood vessels

D. There are multiple layers of living and dead cells

Question 8

Which layer of skin is the outer most layer and contains dead cells that are filled with keratin?


A. Stratum granulosum

B. Stratum basale

C. Stratum corneum

D. Stratum spinosum

Question 9

What is NOT a complication of burns?


A. Loss of bodily fluids

B. Decrease function of immune system

C. Circulatory shock

D. Infection

Question 10

What structure and/or substance is NOT found within the dermis?


A. Keratin

B. Sweat glands

C. Nerve tissue

D. Blood vessels

Question 11

Which gland is responsible for secreting sweat and is the most numerous type of gland in the integument?


A. Ceruminous gland

B. Sebaceous gland

C. Eccrine gland

D. Apocrine gland

Question 12

Hair and nails are mainly composed of what substance?


A. Keratin

B. Elastic fibers

C. Melanocytes

D. Collagen fibers

Question 13

Skin cancer originates in which layer of the skin?


A. Dermis

B. Epidermis

Question 14

Which gland is responsible for secreting an oily substance that helps to lubricate and softens the skin and hair?


A. Eccrine gland

B. Sebaceous gland

C. Apocrine gland

D. Ceruminous gland

Question 15

Which choice is NOT a description of a function of the integument system?


A. Assists in the excretion of nitrogen containing waste products

B. Assists in the inhibition of bacterial reproduction

C. Assists in the production of vitamin C

D. Assists in the regulation of body temperature


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