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Rivier University BUS779: amazon new innovations 3
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Presentation Guidelines


. Each team will have a facilitator to introduce the topic, introduce the team speakers before they present, coordinate the individual presenters and presentation sections, summarize the presentation, manage the time of the individual presenters and overall presentation, field questions from the class at the end of the presentation and direct questions to specific team presenters

. Provide a hard copy and e-version of the presentation to the instructor

Presentation Content/Format

. Presentations will be 10 -15+ slides in length, have a title page, table of contents, sections of the presentation labelled, demonstrate creativity, use visual components where supportive, include references

. Presentations will be approximately 20 - 25 minutes in length and follow case analysis format

. The topic will be introduced by the facilitator, include why the topic was selected by the team

. Each presenter will describe her/his section of the presentation and what its impact is on the process of innovation. Your presentation team will be asked questions by your instructor and the rest of the class.

. Graphics/visual content should be coordinated so the overall presentation is seamless and convincing



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