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Our first assignment is to reconstruct the argument that
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The Most Terrifying Video You'll Ever See:

This YouTube video -- "The Most Terrifying Video You'll Ever See," above -- contains a number of statements that can be rendered in propositional logic. In particular, the grid that WonderingMind42 constructs (the whiteboard drawing) can be rendered as a series of statements, each of which can be placed within one of the cells in the grid. Many of these these statements can be rendered as complex, compound statements, i.e., compound statements that contain more than one type of connective (negation, conjunction, disjunction, if-then, if-and-only-if). If we are able to translate these propositions accurately into a truth-functional logic, we will be able to reconstruct the argument very precisely and then evaluate it fairly. And that's what we want to do.

  1. 1. Your first assignment is to reconstruct the argument that Wondering Mind 42 develops in his grid. There will be four premises (corresponding to the four cells in the grid, and a single conclusion that follows from the premises. The premises must contain appropriate statement connectives (hint: make sure you use the material conditional in all four cells of the grid). You should use the standard reconstruction format (Premise 1, Premise 2, Premise 3, Premise 4, Conclusion).
  2. What fallacies does the arguer potentially commit? Name at least three, and explain how they are committed.
  3. Is his argument really worthwhile, or is this guy just another Internet quack? What reasons can you offer for your position?
  5. If you need some guidance on this difficult assignment, please view the videos (below) that I've created to help you:
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