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ASSIGNMENT: For Instructions on completing a case study analysis, please
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ASSIGNMENT: For Instructions on completing a case study analysis, please read “preparing an effective case analysis” on pages iv – xii in the appendix of our textbook. Below is a suggested start to organizing your case study; you may add to this list but please organize your written paper with section headers. Keep in mind you will need to consult other outside sources to support your discussion and recommendations.  Section One – Background [Approximately 1 page] Briefly state the salient facts of the case in narrative form – include history and pertinent background information. Be concise and precise.  Section Two – Problem Statement [Approximately 1 page] Briefly state the central problem in narrative form, and then list the symptoms of the problem.  Section Three – SWOT Analysis [Four lists] Bullet and list in rank order - the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats relating to the case.  Section Four – Financial Analysis [Number of charts, graphs will vary] Generate a minimum of 3 financial ratios and formulas. Clearly and accurately VISUALLY present your findings. Include explanations of your results as well as your rationale for choice in terms of formulas.  Section Five – Conclusion, recommendations and action plan [Whatever it takes – this should be the longest portion of your analysis] GENERAL REQUIREMENTS:  Paper should conform to lengths suggested above  Ensure professional presentation with proper spelling, grammar, etc.  Must have proper in-text citations and bibliography page where appropriate o Failure to provide this will result in a grade of zero  Organize with sub headings (Section One-Background, section… etc)  Include page numbers  Include a cover page or paper header GRADING OVERVIEW: Grading Area Points Available Case Study Sections Spelling, grammar and presentation Citations and bibliography 130 10 10 150 points DUE DATE: This assignment is due via online submission week 3 SUNDAY MARCH 26, 2017 BY 11:59PM EST The due dates in this course are firm. A student should make every effort to turn his or her work in on time. No late work will be accepted without prior agreement with the instructor. Students who submit work after the deadline will be penalized at the instructor’s discretion. A deduction of 25% will be assessed for each day that an assignment is late. Work will no longer be accepted 3 days after the specified deadline.

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