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Business Fundamentals
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As a senior Manager for your company, your CEO has asked for a report on how different organisations respond to their environment with consideration of their IT needs and the legal awareness they must have. Formulate a report that encompasses the following elements:

Task 1

·         For a minimum of three selected, different types of organisation; explain their responsibilities and how they try to meet them.

·         Explain the typical, elements for the formation of a legal contract between organisations and a third party and:

·         Describe the importance of different terms in a contract, giving examples

·         Apply knowledge of contract and tort to selected business scenarios with your response showing:

·         Evaluate the impact of, and possible problems with, different types of contract in given scenarios

·         Compare, distinguish between, contractual liability and liability in negligence

·         Explain the importance of vicarious liability to business organisations giving examples of such liability

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  • Business Fundamentals

    Task 1 Introduction The following information is the assignment that is set out to look at three different types of organizations about their stakeholders as well as how the agencies are set to meet their responsibilities. The term stakeholder is defined as the individuals who are interested in a team who include customers, shareholders, investors, and employees. These individuals invest in the groups with the aim of getting some return or profits. Due to this fact, a team will, therefore, try to meet the interests of these investors. Every firm is expected to make a profit which is the

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