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Analyze how economics, government and law would impact
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In this Assignment, you will evaluate how economics, government, and law affect value creation in a global context based on your experiences working for your intern/externship employer. From a visionary leadership perspective, you will formulate an innovative strategy and devise specific solutions that result in global expansion of the business.


Write a 5-page (including additional title and reference pages) APA formatted and citation styled research paper in Standard English, addressing the following topics:

  1. Analyze how economics, government and law would impact the global expansion of the business for which you are doing an intern/externship.
  2. Use various research resources on the topics of economics, government, and law and evaluate the factors that will have positive and negative influences on value creation during a global expansion initiative.
  3. Formulate a strategy, proposing innovative ideas on how the business could expand into the global marketplace from a leadership perspective.
  4. Develop a vision statement that proposes the global expansion of your business based on the research you conduct.
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