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Implementation & Evaluation (3-4 pages)
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Implementation & Evaluation (3-4 pages)

  • Briefly explain how you plan to implement your public health campaign including timeline/milestones and marketing strategies
  • Briefly explain your public health message and justify why you believe it would promote change within your target audience
  • Briefly explain three ways your public health campaign may be adopted within your target audience
  • Briefly explain how you would incorporate culturally relevant and sensitive materials in your campaign
  • Explain two potential legal or ethical issues that you may have to consider prior to implementing your campaign and explain two ways you might address those issues
  • Explain the methods you plan to use to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign
  • Explain two ways your public health campaign can promote social change

In doing this assignment, focus on this public health topic stress, and make sure the work is properly cited and not plagiarized.

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