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Edward Snowden: Revelations in Cyber security. Traitor or Patriot? Edward
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Edward Snowden: Revelations in Cyber security. Traitor or Patriot? Edward Snowden was a whistleblower and former NSA contractor, in the employment of Booz Allen Hamilton. In 2013, Snowden, left his home in Hawaii and traveled to Hong Kong for the express purpose of leaking top secret document to a journalist there. There is no question, when Edward Snowden leaked US intelligence documents he revealed the shocking extent of global mass surveillance in cyberspace. He showed how governments were secretly hovering up huge chunks of our personal communications, including private emails, phone locations, web histories and so much more. All without our consent. Whether you believe Snowden to be a traitor, or a patriot and whistleblower, he certainly changed the world with his revelations. He has sparked a global debate, which initiated the passage of new laws intended to increase our protection from government prying. For the first time in 40 years, the United States passed new laws to control government surveillance. Globally, technology companies have stepped up efforts to personal information. Develop a hypothesis as to the laws that Snowden broke, whether what he did was right, wrong or necessary. Debate whether Snowden placed our country at risk by revealing US surveillance techniques, or whether he has made private citizen more aware of government snooping. Conclude by giving a consensus of the group as to whether Snowden is a patriot or traitor, and explain whether Snowden should be pardoned and permitted to return to the United States. Also prepare a power point presentation.

Paper requirments:

Should be atleast of 2500 words.

6 pages excluding reference page.

Minimum of 5 sources

2 peer reviewed (scientific/law review)

good sources: Law, Legal cases, Newspaper.

Avoids sources: google,youtube,social media, wikipdeia.

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