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1.Please describe in detail what the major theme of the film is,
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access to the movie INSIDE JOB  a documentary by film maker Charles Ferguson, narrated by Mark Damon and exposing events leading to the Economic Crisis of 2008.  Watch it, develop and submit your answers to the questions included. For more information, here is a link to the movie's site (not the movie itself) The movies are blocked and then reloaded on You Tube, sometimes by different name try:    The Biggest Bank Heist Ever for Inside Job   You are to answer the questions related to the movie/publication indicated by the professor.   Focus on discussing Economics' topics you are learning and on the questions about ethical dilemmas.  

Essay Questions:

1.Please describe in detail what the major theme of the film is, expanding on what the movie is about.

2. Please explain how this movie will help you understand some topics of the course.

3. What can you take away from this movie to help you in your current or future job?

4. Identify and analyze as many as you can of the major and minor ethical dilemmas that are found in the movie.

5. Describe how each ethical dilemma was resolved in the movie.  If you feel one or more dilemmas remained unresolved, please identify them and expand on the reasons you feel that way.

6. Explain how you would have resolved the ethical dilemmas yourself.  Support your choices over those used in the movie.

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