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"Ecphrasis" means "inanimate art that becomes animate."
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These Questions are all True and False
The Class is CAMS 045 at Penn State University: Department of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies
These are from the final Quiz
1.) Hector's wife is Andromache
2.) "Ecphrasis" means "inanimate art that becomes animate." Ovid's Pygmalion story is an example of an ecphrasis.
3.) Achilles, when he rejoins the fighting, battles both mortals and gods.
4.) Penelope tried to deter the suitors by weaving and secretly unraveling her father-in-law's funeral shroud, which she insists she must finish before she can remarry.
5.) As the events described in Odyssey 1 are unfolding, Agamemnon is already dead.
6.) For both Vergil and Homer, the entry to the land of the dead is in Italy.
7.) In Homer, Odysseus sees Kerberos, but the hound does not threaten him
8.) In both the Aeneid and the Odyssey, the hero visiting the afterlife sees the souls of Greeks who had fought at Troy
9.) Years before his successful return to Ithaca from Troy, Odysseus actually sights the Ithacan Coastline.
10.) Telemachus scolds Odysseus for not trusting Penelope's faithfulness to him once the suitors are dead.
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