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MGMT101 Week 8 Quiz New 2017
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Week 8 quiz

Question 1 of 10

What are the two types of coaching?

A. Direct and Indirect

B. Performance Related and Behavior Related

C. Confidential and Open

D. Formal and Informal

Question 2 of 10

True of False, a person is a different individual numerous times in their life?



Question 3 of 10

Which of the following is NOT one of the four forces that drives change in our business environment?

A. Greater Competition

B. Volatile workforces

C. Globalization

D. Increasing Customer Demands

E. None of the above

Question 4 of 10

Which of the following is NOT part of the brainstorming process?

A. Going for quantity over quality

B. Moving deliberately and slowly

C. Making no critical remarks

D. Setting a time limit

Question 5 of 10

During the change process, employees usually experience one or more of these effects?

A. Higher Stress Levels

B. Lower Morale

C. Poorer Attitudes

D. Decrease in Productivity

E. All of the above

Question 6 of 10

Informal coaching involves the day-to-day relationship with the supervisor and employee.



Question 7 of 10

Personal Power is defined as “influencing people to do things because they want to”?



Question 8 of 10

For a supervisor, all good performance begins with:

A. Clear expectations of the job and clear performance goals

B. Timeliness and Appearance

C. Starting the job slowly and meeting employees as needed

D. Being a good writer and rewarding your people

Question 9 of 10

Who preached the “Science of Management” in the early 20th century?

A. Warren Buffet

B. Frederick Taylor

C. Warren Bennis

D. Elton Mayo

Question 10 of 10

How many of the Fortune 500 companies from the 1980s are still in business today and have survived?

A. 75%

B. 33%

C. All, once a company is listed they are part of the Fortune 500

D. Nearly half



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