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Read chapters 4, 5 and 6 in the textbook and Lecture week 3 before answering the questions below, and the research activity. If you have any questions related to the content, please contact me.

Chapter 4 - Essential of Planning

1. Some business owners make a statement something to the effect, "We're too busy to bother with strategy. We have to take care of the present." What might be wrong with their reasoning?

2. Do the exercise Skill-Building "Conducting a SWOT Analysis": After reading the instruction for this exercise, take a goal from your Company (general or departmental) and apply the SWOT analysis in order to find strategies to achieve this goal.

Chapter 5 - Problem Solving and Decision Making

3. Do the exercise: Internet Skill-Building Exercise: Learning about Creativity Training, page 188 [8e pg 183].

Chapter 6 - Quantitative techniques for Planning and decision making.

4. Do the exercise: Skill-Building 6-A: Developing a PERT Network, Page 220 [8e pg. 215].

The answers from the questions above must be written in APA style, see below.

Research report:

GoogleWhat's your Company's Risk Culture? Read the Business Week article carefully and answer the following:

(1) Do you agree or disagree with this topic?

(2) If you work, explain the manner in which your company manages Risk Culture. If you do not work, explain how you think Risk Culture should be managed.

Write your report using more than one sheet in length using APA Style (Cover page, abstract, main body, conclusions, and references;)Double space, Times New Roman 12 pt, and left justified with one inch margins. Do not submit separately, include in this assignment's document.

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