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Question 1

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(TCO 6) Aristotle argued that the best political communities would be _____.

dominated by wealthy citizens


formed by elites

formed by citizens of the middle class

Question 2

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(TCO 6) Which of the following was of greatest concern to John Locke?

Freedom of speech for all

You Answered

Power residing with the proletariat

The right to property

Voting rights

Question 3

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(TCO 6) If _____ were alive, he might suggest that poor academic performance in schools could be attributed to a society that does not promote education and provides few resources devoted to schools.

John Locke

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Thomas Hobbes

Niccolo Machiavelli

Question 4

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(TCO 6) Which of the following would most likely be supported by the bourgeoisie?

Equality for all

A revolt by the proletariat

Minority rights

Conflict for economic gain

Question 5

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(TCO 6) Which statement best supports Marxist theories?

The United States provides ample opportunities for all who work hard.

Similarities exist between economies in both Europe and the United States.

Tax breaks will often create jobs, benefiting the working class.

Uneven benefits to corporations with few benefits for workers led to the economic crises in the early 2000s.

Question 6

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(TCO 6) Adam Smith is most associated with which concept?


Modern liberalism

Classic liberalism


Question 7

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(TCO 6) Thomas Hill Green might agree with which of the following?

No one is forced to take a job he or she doesn’t like.

Unions are necessary to protect workers against business owners.

Taxes should benefit business owners because they allow owners to hire more workers.

Markets regulate themselves.

Question 8

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(TCO 6) Modern conservatism adopts elements of which of the following?

Economic views from Edmund Burke and social views from Adam Smith

Economic and social views from Adam Smith

Economic views from Adam Smith and social views from Thomas Hill Green

Economic views from Adam Smith and social views from Edmund Burke

Question 9

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(TCO 6) Libertarians would like the original thoughts of _____.

Karl Marx

Adam Smith

T. H. Green


Question 10

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(TCO 6) _____ is an extreme form of nationalism.






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