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1.A minimum of one customer group identified and
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Develop a marketing plan for a small fruit orchard business, with a retail shop. Include the following points:

1.A minimum of one customer group identified and value proposition created.

2.  Marketing objectives meeting the SMART criteria are formulated with Key performance indicators.

3. Marketing mix developed.
    a) Range may include but is not limited to product, price, place and promotion.
    b) Product – Candidate has described how their product or service is going to meet the three levels of product.
    c) Price – A minimum of one pricing strategy and tactic for the product or service is developed.
    d) Place – The type of distribution channel or intermediary used to place their product or service in the market is identified and discussed.
    e) Promotion – A minimum of two means of promoting their products or service to the customers are identified and discussed.

4. An annual promotion budget, supported with a timeline for the highlighted promotion activities is developed.

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