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What are some of the skills and attributes ofthe individuals that you feel
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1)      Thinkabout some of the groups and teams that you have been a part of in your past. What are some of the skills and attributes ofthe individuals that you feel have managed you well?  What skills did theyhave?  Do not limit yourself to personality traits.  Include thingslike organization, creativity, etc.  Discuss whether these traits are"learnable" or the sort of attributes that you either have or don'thave.  Have fun with this and be creative

2)    A Computerworld investigationreported that delays in overhauling the federal tax system have cost the U.S.government approximately $50 billion a year in uncollected taxes. Although the IRS has spent hundreds of millions of dollars in an attemptto modernize its computer systems, critics claim that much of that money hasbeen wasted because of mismanagement and primitive development practices. Government and private groups believe that there are several reasons forthe problems:

1.  Failure to redesign the business processes before beginning systemsdevelopment

2.  No overall systems architecture or development plan

3.  Primitive and sometimes "Chaotic" software developmentmethodologies

4.  Failure to manage information systems as investments

5.  Lack of information security

Both Congress and the General Accounting Office have directed the IRS tocarry out the following recommendations:

a.  Put in place a rigorous process for selecting, prioritizing,controlling, and evaluating major information systems investments

b.  Improve system development practices from ad hoc to ones that canbe repeated and improve the likelihood of success.

c.  Develop organization-wide plans that focus on an integrated systemsarchitecture, security, data architecture, and configuration management.

Select one of the numbered or lettered items above, research the issue, andwrite and post a concise paragraph providing further commentary on the item youselected.  Be sure to include a citation for the resource(s) you use inyour research.  In addition, respond to at least two other student postsin this thread

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