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3. Apply AHP to the remainder of HW1a and compare the resulting total scores of the 3 candidate computers with the normalized values of the scores you obtained in HW1a, and discuss the differences and any insights gained.


4. For 4 choices A,B,C, and D, a decision-maker has the following pair-wise comparison matrix and rankings of the confidence in their validity:

                 A       B       C       D                (1) B vs. D Highest

       A       1       2       1/3   3                 (2) A vs. D

       B                 1       4       1/2             (3) B vs. C

       C                          1       5                 (4)  C vs. D

       D                                   1                 (5)  A vs. C

                                                                 (6)  A vs. B Lowest

Use the rankings as the basis to make the matrix totally consistent.


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