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D. 25: During the afternoon peak hours the First Bank of Dubuque has an average of 40 customers arriving every hour. There is also an average of 8 customers at First Bank at any time. The probability of the arrival distribution is unknown. How long does the average customer spend in the bank?

D.26: An average of 9 cars can be seen in the system (both the drive-through line and the drive-through window) at Burger Universe. Approximately every 20 seconds, a car attempts to enter the drive-through line; however, 40% of cars simply leave the restaurant because they’re discouraged by the length of the line. On average, how long does a car spend going through the drive-through at Burger Universe?

D.27: Lobster World stores approximately 1,000 pounds of fish on average. In a typical day, the busy restaurant cooks and sells 360 (raw) pounds of fish. How long do the fish stay in storage on average?

D.28: Gamma Bank processes a typical loan application in 2.4 weeks. Customers fill out 30 loan applications per week. On average how many loan applications are being processed somewhere in the system at Gamma Bank?

D.29: Fisher’s Furniture Store sells $800,000 worth of furniture to customers on credit each month. The Accounts Receivable balance in the accounting books averages $2 million. On average, how long are customers taking to pay their bills?

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