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Regression Equation solution
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Project Description:

Actual scores: Week-1 Week-2 Week- 3 Week-4
61 30 123 43
Forecast scores: 105 65 135 65

• Using the actual scores for Weeks 1, 2, 3, and 4 and your forecast values, calculate a regression equation, r, and R2 for this data.
• Prepare a case study document to answer the following questions. 
1. What data did you use in your regression equation? Which is the independent and dependent variable?
2. What is the regression equation, r, and R2 for your data?
3. Statistically, what does r and R2 tell you?
4. Based on your empirical evidence, how who well did you forecast your results? Justify your response.

You can use any method you like to complete this assignment; however, you need to show your work.

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