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Sky Unlimited Inc. Company Profile Approval Record
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Corporate Finance Project Outline



You are a financial analyst/sales executive working for a major investment house, Sky Unlimited, Inc (SUI).  SUI requires that you complete and submit a profile document to your group chief before advising clients on any company as an investment opportunity.  This policy – SUI believes – gives the group chief a chance to approve SUI’s representation in selling financial instruments of this company and requires you, analyst/sales exec to become more intimately acquainted with the operations and financial mechanics of the company.  As a relative newcomer, on a daily basis, you are searching for investment opportunities to have approved and eventually to begin selling to clients.

SUI has prohibited the analysis and sale of the following companies:  Walmart, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and Goldman Sachs or any other financial services company.


  • Assignment – in your role as analyst/sales exec, you spend a great deal of time searching information sources for company financial information to present to your group chief as candidate for you to represent to potential clients.  You have many tools for this but you have found the best ones for this “data mining” exercise include Value Line and of course the internet at large.  Finally, complete the SUI Company Approval Profile Record in MS Word


Data – utilize Value Line (, the internet, your text and any financial publications you have at your disposal.  Your choice of companies must come from’s “Dow 30”, with the EXCEPTION of the bolded prohibited companies above.

Navigation Instructions to use complementary Value Line Data Services


  • Enter in the url
  • Click on the heading “browse research”
  • Near the top of the screen where it says “company name or symbol” , enter the letters “AMZN”.
    • This should populate information on Amazon. 
  • Once you get to this screen, scroll the mouse about halfway down the screen where on the right you will see the heading “View Complimentary Value Line Reports on Dow 30 Stocks”.
  • At the bottom of this block, click the words “view all”.  Once you do this, a listing of 25 of the Dow 30 Companies should pop up.
  • Choose the company for which you are competing the “SUI Company Profile Approval Record” (this is your project company choice) by clicking on the company name of choice at left.  Note, there are prohibitions of company choices.  The choice of companies for your project must come from this list.


Complete the SUI Company Profile Approval Record

  • This document must be typewritten in MS Word either using the very document I am sending to you or an exact facsimile that you create including the very same information.
  • Provide a list of all sources used (need not be in APA format but must be verifiable with entire string of information (i.e. whole URL, publication name/date/page no.etc)
  • Sky Unlimited Inc.

    Company Profile Approval Record


  • Introduction

    Company Name/(Stock Symbol):    


    Brief Business Description:





  •  Firm, Industry and Environment
  • Industry Rank:


    Industry Analysis:


    Technical Rank:



  • Financial Statement Profile:

  • Sales History in $M:                           2014                           2015                            2016

  • Safety Rating:                        Timeliness:                 Financial Strength:

  • Long Term Debt:                  2014                            2015                            2016

  • Cap Spending Per Share:     2014                            2015                            2016

  • Operating Margin:

  • 1/3/5 Year Total Return Percentages:

  • Price Growth Persistence:

  • Price Stability:

  • Earnings Predictability

  •  Outlook, Summary, Conclusions (Must be typewritten in MS):

  • Outlook for performance (Must be at least 4-6 sentences)
  • 3 Strengths and 3 Weaknesses
  • Why should SUI represent this company’s financial instruments? (Must be at least 4-6 sentences)
  • Provide a list of all sources used (need not be in APA format but must be verifiable with entire string of information (i.e. whole URL, publication name/date/page no.etc)
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