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IT Security company
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Project Description:

I need policy and procedure manual for IT Security company(here you can take Verizon telecommunication company ). You have to write policy and procedure manual on given two policies ..dont include any other policies...
1) Security testing and implementation
a. Who will do the testing
b. Who will the testing be done
c. What acceptable outcomes will there be
2) Acceptable use policy
a. Who is to sign
b. Who will keep the signed copies

Write all the policies and procedure manual for above area..
--No graphs, pictures, tables in the body of the manual – these are to go in an appendix for each item, the item number listed in the section it applies to
---Must give exact policy, not explain what the types are (i.e.: password policy is to be set to expire in xx days)
----Plagiarism will not be tolerated – if any is found to be the same as previous groups, or another group in this class, you will receive a failing grade for the project 
--- Min 4 single space apa required..need intext citation. and references ( just give me link of references)

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