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True or False. An IT plan should be developed before a
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True or False. An IT plan should be developed before a strategic business plan so that management will know what they can plan based on available systems



2. Which of the following flow chart symbols is used to represent a step or action which is taken in the process?

A. Retangle

B. Diamond

C. Circle

3. Which of the following best defines a process?

A. a series of events to get something done

B. steps a worker follows to complete a task

C. a series of tasks that completed in order to accomplish a goal

D. a strategic objective

4. Which of following are true about an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System? (Select all that apply?)

A. it has a centralized database

B. it can be used to run an entire company

C. it is a software application

D. it has best practices built in

5. True or False: IT managers should implement new technology as soon as it hits the market, always striving to obtain the least expensive products available



6. True or False. E commerce is a subset of E. BUSINESS



7. Which of the following is defined as an intentional effort to plan, document, implement, and distribute an organization’s business processes with the support of information technology?

A. Business process engineering

B. Business process management

C. business process reengineering

D. business process improvement

8. Good IT management, which is necessary for a great IT plan, should do which of the following?

A. tell management what their business objectives should be

B. advise management if technology being considered to solve a problem is not yet proven

C advise management that available technology is too expensive

D. let management determine the desired technical solution

9. which of the following flow chart symbols is used to represent a decision point in the process?




10. How often should the IT plan should be changed?

  • every five years
  • monthly
  • c. typically, every three to five years or sooner, if business conditions warrant it
  • never an IT plan, once in place, does not charge

11. Ebay is an example of which ecommerce model?

A. B2C

B. C2B

C. C2C

D, C2B

12. Which of the following flow chart symbols is used to represent a point at which the flowchart connects with another process?

A. rectangle

B. Diamond

c. circle

12. Servicing customers and collaborating with business partners are characteristics of which of the following?

e. business

e. commerce

Business to business and consumers

e collaboration

14. which of the following are true regarding a business model? Select all that apply

A. it is the organization of products, service and information flows

b. it is the source of revenue

c. it is a source of benefit for suppliers

d. it is a source of benefit of customers

15. which of the following is innovation that creates an entirely new market or transforms an existing one?

Transformative innovation

Disruptive innovation

Market changing innovation

Unparalleled innovation

16. True or false: Most IT dollars are spent on the IT infrastructure



17. True or False: Any firm establishing a webs presence, no matter how small or localized, instantly enters global marketing



18 which of the following are components of the business process (SELECT ALL THE APPLY)

  • input
  • output
  • customers
  • suppliers
  • process

19. True or False In business process reengineering, it is best to select the IT system to be used prior to reengineering the processes to ensure the process fit the system



20. Which of the following is defined as fully understanding the goals of a process and then dramatically redesigning it from the ground up to achieve dramatic improvements in productivity and quality?

A businsess process redesign

Business process management

Business process reengineering

Business process improvement

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