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Your Block 3 for your Business Plan will require that you
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Course Project/Business Plan Block 3

Your Block 3 for your Business Plan will require that you develop the following objectives which will be integrate part of the first five sections of the business plan.  As a model and guide use the "table of contents" for "The Daily Perc" Business Plan in pages 50 to 73.

(The Chapters related to this Block 3 are 7,8,9 and 10)

1.0 Executive Summary

      1.1 Objectives

3.0 Company Summary

      3.1 Company Ownership

      3.2 Start-up Summary

5.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary

       5.4.1 Sales Forecast

7.0 Financial Plan

       7.1 Important assumptions

       7.2 Breakeven Analysis

       7.3 Projected Profit and Loss

       7.4 Projected Cash Flow

       7.5 Projected Balance Sheet

       7.6 Business Ratios

8.0 Funding Request and Exit Strategy

       8.1 Funding Request





Entrepreneurship: Starting and Operating a Small Business (3rd Edition)

ISBN-13: 9780132784085

ISBN-10: 0132784084

Authors: Steve Mariotti; Caroline Glackin

Edition: 3

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Pearson

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