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Within business and professional environments, research
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Within business and professional environments, research projects, like any other activity, need to be justified as worth the time and resources used to create, read, and evaluate them. A project plan is usually a key first-step towards receiving approval to move forward. For this part of the final project, write a one-page project plan formatted as a formal letter or memo (see more below). This plan will inform the audience whom you plan to address in your final business proposal about the problem you intend to solve or the opportunity you intend to develop. The aim of a project plan is also persuasive, that is, to secure your audience's interest, so that you do not waste time creating a full business proposal that no one will read.

Additional Requirements:

  • Your project plan should address an audience who actually has authority to approve your final business proposal. This may require some research to determine who actually has the authority and resources to address the issue you expect to write about.
  • The project plan should
    • a) identify the specific issue or opportunity you will address,
    • b) explain the need to study the issue more completely,
    • c) present a brief research plan identifying the sources you expect to consult, and
    • d) conclude with an explanation of what you expect the outcome of the research will be (i.e., the final business proposal).
  • Finally, in the same document as the project plan (albeit on a new page), provide an annotated references list including three sources that have informed your work on the project so far. These sources can be referenced in the body of the project proposal to help gain support with your readers, or they can be sources that helped you decide who the audience of your proposal should be.


  • Use a variety of sources, but favor journal research, trade publications, professional Web sites, and business news sources.
  • In developing your research plan, identify individuals to interview (in person or via e-mail). Experts or practicing professionals can serve as authoritative research sources.
  • Browse the earlier annotated reference postings for compelling ideas and relevant sources. While you may even use these sources in your final report, DO NOT use these sources for the three you turn in with this project plan. Instead, find more sources that further your understanding of the issue you would like to address.


Action Items

  1. Identify a specific issue to address following the guidelines of the project overview:Business Proposal.
  2. Do some exploratory research on your selected issue, especially to identify the audience to whom you will likely address your final business proposal.
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