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For this project, you are requested to develop a
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For this project, you are requested to develop a sustainable business plan (refer to chapter 16 of theMG305 textbook for detail exposition of the business plan).Suppose you are an extremely successful and a prosperous business entrepreneur in Fiji (or anySouth Pacific nation), who possesses about 300 acres of freehold land in an idyllic location that isclose to the seashore.This business plan will be submitted to the venture capitalist to procure funding for the establishmentof this hotel, Paradise King, in the freehold land that you own. Paradise King is a five star hotel withmodern amenities/facilities.Also, the business plan that you will develop must take into account various economic anddemographic characteristics of Fiji and other nations.Furthermore, the following segments must be covered in the business plan: executive summary,business description, sustainability segment, marketing segment, operations segment, sustainabilitydevelopment measures of performance, management segment, financial segment, critical-riskssegment, harvest strategy segment, milestone schedule segment and appendix/bibliography.Note:You are welcome to make various apposite assumptions (e.g. zoning requirements, costs, number of rooms, size of the hotel, types of facilities, etc.).


The text book that we use is : Howard H. Frederick, Allan O’Connor and Donald F. Kuratko (2016), ‘Entrepreneurship, Theory,Process, and Practice, 4th Edition, Cengage Learning, Victoria, Australia.


There are also sample business plans at the back of this book.

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