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Financing Forecasting: The balance sheet of the Thompson Crown Company
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Financing Forecasting: The balance sheet of the Thompson Crown Company (TCC) follows:

Thompson Crown Company Balance Sheet, December 31, 2015 ($ millions)

Current assets $10

Accounts payable $5

Net fixed assets  15

Notes payable   0

Total $25

Bonds payable 10

Common equity 10

Total $25

TCC had sales for the year ended 12/31/15 of $50 million. The firm follows a policy of paying all net earnings out to its common stockholders in cash dividends. Thus, TCC generates no funds from its earnings that can be used to expand its operations. (Assume that depreciation expense is just equal to the cost of replacing worn-out assets.)

Questions: (please use excel and show work)

- If TCC anticipates sales of $80 million during the coming year, develop a pro forma balance sheet for the firm for 12/31/16. Assume that current assets vary as a percent of sales, net fixed assets remain unchanged, and accounts payable vary as a percent of sales. Use notes payable as a balancing entry.

- How much “new” financing will TCC need next year?

- What limitations does the percent-of-sales forecast method suffer from? Discuss briefly.

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