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Bass Music Company (BMC) manufactures two models
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Bass Music Company

Bass Music Company (BMC) manufactures two models of tubas: Student and Professional. Each Student tuba contributes $330 and each Professional tuba contributes $850 in profit. But they consume resources: each Student model tuba uses 17.5 kg of metal and 5 hours of manufacturing time; each Professional tuba uses 22.5 kg of metal and 9 hours of manufacturing time. For the next planning cycle BMC has 1300 kg of metal available and 480 hours of time.

Because BMC sponsors various school band activities, they want to make sure that they manufacture at least 15 student tubas. Furthermore they believe that the total demand for Professional tubas won't exceed 50.

How many decisions (changing cells) will this model have?

  • # decisions:m___________________(type your answer using digits, not words)

How many constraints are there, not including nonnegativity constraints?

  • # constraints:_________________

How many nonnegativity constraints are there?

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Is this a maximization or minimization model?

  • max or min:_____________________(type the word max or min)

Create this model in this Excel template, using the colours and other conventions we covered in class and in lab, and use it to answer these questions and the following ones.

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