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Case Analysis - Each student will be required to turn in
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Do not answer the questions at the end of the case. Prepare a written case analysis as follows:

 Case Analysis - Each student will be required to turn in written case analyses. The cases can be found attached to the assignment in the session assessment tab. The analysis should follow the outline below. It should include a cover page and reference sheet with a minimum of three references. The paper should be double- spaced, grammatically correct with a minimum of 2 pages of content.

Written Case Outline- This is the order to follow.  Write full paragraphs under each of the following headings.

• Introduction – brief introduction to the case (no more than two paragraphs)

• Issues- issues and concerns to be addresses

• Alternatives – alternatives to address issue; what would happen if each alternative was chosen (If they did this…..what would happen) each case should have an analysis of three alternatives before moving to a recommendation. This is a major component of the case. A recommendation should never be made without first analyzing the alternatives!

• Recommendation from alternatives above and hopeful outcomes.

• Implementation- how will they put the recommendation in place?

• Evaluation – how will they know if it is working?

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