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Part 1. Read the attached paper and then write a
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Part 1. Read the attached paper and then write a summary of the top 2‐4 threats in the external environment of the assigned firm. (1.5 page, APA style)

Part 2. Write a 2 page strategic recommendation for threats for the assigned firm.  APA style with reference

Threat (strength) Strategic Recommendations:
 Easy to defend and counter
 Only basic awareness, planning, and
implementation required to meet these
 Investment in these issues is generally
safe and necessary
‐ Executive question: "Since we are strong
here, can any of these threats be turned
into opportunities?" 


Threat (weakness) Strategic Recommendations:
 Potentially high risk
 Where risk is low , we must ignore these
issues and not be distracted by them
 Where risk is high we must assess capability
gaps and plan to defend/avert in very
specific controlled ways
‐ Executive question: "Where the risks of
these threats are high, do we have specific
improvement plans for related weaknesses
to minimize the risk of those threats?"

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