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Seven Stage Model for Planned Change
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Resource: "Seven Stage Model for Planned Change" located in the introduction and appendix of Criminal Justice Policy & Planning.

Research possible programmatic solutions by benchmarking best practices. Your program goals and objectives must be based on industry best practices.

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word proposal for a program that solves the problem identified in the case study you selected in Week One. Address the following:

  • Identify two or three goals of your program.
  • Describe outcome objectives for each goal.
  • Determine the resources needed to implement the program.
  • Identify how you plan to elicit stakeholder participation.
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  • Seven Stage Model for Planned Change

    Introduction The seven-stage model for planned change deals with the sequence of steps needed for handling a problem, being aware of its cause and planning as well as performing some interventions (Welsh & Harris, 2016). It consists of 1. Analyzing the problem 2. Setting goals and objectives 3. Designing the policy or program 4. Developing an action plan 5. Developing a plan to monitor program implementation 6. Developing a method for evaluating results 7. Reassessment and review. There are numerous varieties of programs, project, and policies in criminal justice. Also, there are different interventions within the federal state and local community as well as privat

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