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Pick an issue of significant importance for a healthcare
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Pick an issue of significant importance for a healthcare organization that has need of innovation or a new technology that can be deployed to innovate a process. Explain the operational problem requiring innovation, recommend a solution for supporting innovation, and provide specific actions that will advance this solution. Describe the likely impact of the innovation, identify the new network created, and identify any operational challenges in development and implementation, and your plan for overcoming those challenges. The description of the innovation should be a non-technical description that any manager could understand. For example,“describing a new bicycle light does not require a description of a bicycle or bicycle lights, but instead should focus on what makes the light different”. Consider at least two stakeholder groups and reflect on what will make the innovation you are proposing work for them. Who may oppose the innovation? What does the opposition have to gain? The supporters? Support your evaluation of the impact with at least two pieces of evidence. The evidence can be a general evaluation of the change (e.g., doubled output), or any compelling argument based on fact.

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