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1. Congratulations, your company has purchased the
$ 20.00

1. Congratulations, your company has purchased the rights to manufacture a new product called Gizmos for sales into your local market. Since you don’t know anything about Gizmos, you will have to decide the best way to manufacture them in your local factory. Discuss how you would select between each of the basic process structures to use in manufacturing this new product. 
2. Frank has worked for ten years as an operations manager in the manufacturing division of his company. Today, however, his manager has told him that his new job will be an operations manager in the company’s hotel division, a services business. Describe the differences between these different types of operations and discuss changes that Frank will have to consider as a services operations manager rather than as a manufacturing operations manager.
3. Sarah is an operations manager for a company that manufactures red wagons. She believes that she can improve the operation by changing material control systems and is considering applying MRP. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of applying material requirements planning to this mechanical assembly line process and describe an example of the system that Sarah might use.
4. Fly Cheap Airlines had to declare bankruptcy. A new CEO has been hired who has a reputation for her strategic leadership ability, and she quickly develops a strategic plan to reorganize the airline. Discuss how Supply Chain Management could be used by Fly Cheap Airlines as part of their new competitive strategy. 
5. Bill has been asked to manage the product development of new electric cup holders at his manufacturing company. Bill wants to be certain that his product development process results in a successful, effective, and efficient product. Describe and illustrate with examples, the steps making up a product development program for this product that will meet Bill’s goals. 

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