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The challenge in this project is to consider what basic information should be
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*These are the instructions for the project...

The challenge in this project is to consider what basic information should be

included in the business plan of a skilled nursing facility’s decision to add a new hospice

program service line.


First step:

Begin with a definition of a hospice (the product definition).

Second step:

Identify issues to be addressed in the plan.

The group might include:

 Will the service be delivered by the nursing home directly or contracted out (i.e., to a

home care agency)?

 What are the relative costs of these two options, especially in regard to the staffing,

equipment and training?

 How will the program be funded?

 Will there be an inpatient component? If so, where will the beds come from (i.e.,

conversion or new construction)?

 Which regulatory requirements are most germane to the program (i.e., Medicare and


 How well does this business plan fit with the organizational mission, values and goals?

 Where does this program rank compared to other organizational priorities?



Prepare a PowerPoint report that includes the hospice definition and the basic issues that should be addressed in the hospice program service line business plan.


(Note: refer to Exhibit 23-2 “Basic Information for the Service or Equipment Description” as the guide to formulating a response.) in the textbook:


Health Care Finance: Basic Tools for Nonfinancial Managers

Baker, Judith J and Baker, R.W.

Jones & Bartlett Learning Year, 4 edition, 2013

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