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Please assist me with a paper, this is the last in the Zip 6 series
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please assist me with a paper, this is the last in the Zip 6 series

Assignment : Working with your Zip-6 Scenario: Differences in Marketing Requirements
Ravi and Keith have received a detailed report on research the firm commissioned across several
different global markets about taste preferences for the Zip-6 product. While Zip-6 has achieved more
success in some markets than others, the firm’s chemist has shared her belief that it would likely
achieve more if the taste were better suited for these markets. She also contends that the taste
alteration can be achieved simply and inexpensively without altering the basic effects of the product.
This is something that Ravi and Keith have never before considered.
After reading your text material in Chapter 16, this Assignment asks you to assume the role of
Business Analyst for Zip-6 and prepare an informative essay on the following:
Checklist Items:
1. How reasonable is it to expect that taste might be an important factor in some markets, and if
so, why?
2. Based on your reading, should other strategic factors be considered for the Zip-6 product in
addition to taste as each new market is considered, and if so, why?
3. As Zip-6 continues to expand globally, can Ravi and Keith expect to see an increase in
differences in things like attribute, distribution, advertising, and pricing strategies, and if so,
Draft your response addressing these points in 350 words or more in APA format and citation
style with a separate title and reference page. All papers must have a proper cover page, be written in
informative essay form (paragraph) and be properly cited

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