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Select an organization where you currently work, worked
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Hello Everyone, I have a paper due that I am not in any way going to be able to do... It is due on Dec 6, 2015. Here are the requirements below:

Final Project and Presentation 

Select an organization where you currently work, worked in the past, or very familiar with. You should have day-to-day access to all aspects of the organization's training and development department.  Do not select a large organization, such as the entire U. S. Army, Social Security Administration or Homeland Defense. Select something more manageable such as an Army Clinic or Maintenance Company and focus on a specific area of training (example: implementing a new voucher form.) Keep in mind that the purpose of your research is to develop a five minute presentation on a training plan.  It should cover all aspects of a corporate training plan, as indicated in the following document:

The training plan is your perception and does not have to be implemented. Essentially, you are developing a training plan through your research. Often very good ideas are never implemented because a training initiative is not considered. Your research will allow you to develop a training plan that is reinforced by your readings in our text, Employee Training and Development.

Please post the subject of your research presentation below. I will approve or disapprove the subject. If disapproved, comments will be provided. Again, ensure the subject of the research is not too broad. Ensure you select an actual defined area of focus.

This assignment requires PowerPoint slides and a Written Plan. Please review the Final Project Rubric document in the Doc Sharing area for specific assessment and evaluation criteria.  There are samples in the Doc Sharing tab. Other than the slide show and written 5 page word document, the other supplements shown are not mandatory.

Note: Students should present topics by the end of week 1 for their needs assessment and final project.

Criteria and Points

Project Total= 240 points

Written Plan= 200 Points
Slide Show= 40 Points


I am attaching the rubric and the paper that was submitted for the needs assessment previously. I am going to make the topic whatever I am told to do... But the paper I am attaching along with the rubric will be super helpful.

HR421 Park univ.

thanks to all,

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