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Over the course of this module, you have explored a wide array of IT issues ranging from the effects of technology on society, to cybercrime, to project risk management. Despite the stark differences in this variety of topics, each plays a crucial role in today’s global businesses. Furthermore, with the growing reliance on IT, understanding of this module’s examined issues is becoming all the more important. With that said, in order to garner a greater appreciation of your newly garnered skills and knowledge from this module, it is prudent to take a step back and objectively reflect on all that you have accomplished.

For this Discussion, reflect on all the material covered in this module. Share with your colleagues your thoughts on what you feel you learned and achieved over these eight weeks. Moreover, how will you apply what you have experienced in this module toward other modules in the Information Technology programme and/or your work?

To complete this Discussion:

Post: Create an initial post in which you reflect on all the material covered (e.g. readings, learning activities, etc.) throughout this module. Explain your thoughts on which learning experiences influenced your perspectives on IT and why. Additionally, explain what achievements you accomplished in this module and explain which learning experiences facilitated that/those accomplishment(s). Lastly, describe how you intend to apply your learning and experiences in this module to other modules in the Information Technology programme and/or your professional work.

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