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The book for the class is called The Dream Job
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I need help writing this 3 page paper...

The book for the class is called The Dream Job

Individual Case Study,    Outside assignment #1,   1 point deducted for each week late


1. You will be asked to identify a recent sport issue that was in the News.  Print off the story from the newspaper or the website.


2.  From the story, analyze the following.


A)        Apply one sociological theory from Coakley in the textbook (Chapter 2). 

B)        What other issues discussed in Coakley’s textbook and in class can be applied to your story.

C)         Research one peer-reviewed journal (Sociology of Sport Journal) and apply how this article can be applied to some of the issues.

D)        Cite the book and the article according to APA style.

E)         You have reviewed the text and an article.  What is your opinion?

3.  You are to type a 2-3 page paper that summarizes the above information.**DO NOT cut and paste information from a website!  Cite the sources properly.

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