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Assignment #1 Creating a Database| Complete Solution
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Assignment #1 Creating a Database

Purpose: To demonstrate the ability to define and propose a database design.


CSUF offers students the opportunity to participate in intramural sports. Although the university participates competitively in various sports, hundreds of students are part of an intramural team(s). Since the intramural sports are separate from the collegiate competitive sports, the Intramural Department wishes to maintain and manage their activities effectively and efficiently. As part of the program, various sports including basketball, softball, tennis, football, soccer, swimming and others are offered. Students are allowed to play more than one sport during their time at CSUF. Each sport has its coordinator that is in charge of scheduling game times, location/field, and referees. The department will assign players to teams and assign a coach. Coaches are usually university and community members that volunteer their time. The department also offers sports equipment that teams can check out and use for practices and games. It is important for the department to have all of its equipment accounted for prior to and following each scheduled game.
The Intramural Department is responsible for documenting which sports were offered, details of teams and their participants, coaches information, and sports schedules for each semester. Because you are a student assistant working for the department and has demonstrated a level of understanding of databases, you have been asked to propose a new database that will manage the departmental activities and produce the required reports.


Create the necessary tables and define the database structure.
 Using any application (e.g., word processor or spreadsheet application), identify and “sketch” the tables
that will be needed for this case. Create the tables with appropriate fields and “list” five sample records
or dummy records. *Note: Don’t forget to include a primary key in each table.
 Provide a brief description that explains the table’s theme. The description can be done in one sentence
or two. Place the description above each table.
 Create a model using any drawing tools/applications that illustrate the proposed database design. Draw
lines representing the connection between the tables in the database.
 Identify at least two reports the database should be able to produce. Provide sample reports for each
scenario with dummy data.
 Create a document that merges all of the above into one file. Convert into a pdf file and submit the
complete plan.
*Special Note: A minimum of four tables needs to be considered, but there is a potential of 6-7 tables for this database design.

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